I recently completed a six-month coaching session with Kate; and would highly recommend her to all my friends and family. If you have health issues or medications are not working or you are tired of taking all the medication, you need a consultation with Kate.
I found out about Quelle Health / Kate when she presented at a meeting I was attending. I was intrigued with how she changed her diet and overcame her own personal health issues. Having had four surgeries and dealing with specialists for almost two years, I took the leap of faith and had to try something different.
Medications were only masking other issues.After six months of working with Kate, I lost 42 pounds, and am off all medications but two (blood pressure and blood thinner).
My goal is to be off the blood pressure after a little more weight loss (I am close).I am a changed person from six months ago, and none of this would not have been possible without Quelle Health / Kate Sampson. It feels great when all my friends and family acknowledge how good I look, and I tell them is all because of my nutritionist, Kate Sampson.