I began working with Kate after visiting multiple doctors and experiencing unresolved attempts to get to the root of my symptoms of chronic joint stiffness, muscle pain, and extreme fatigue. In the time we’ve been together, not only have the fatigue and pain been completely resolved, but things such as thyroid imbalance, adult acne, gastrointestinal pain, and premenstrual symptoms have been addressed. I’ve learned how powerful food can be for both fueling and healing, the undeniable connection between health and stress levels, and that small changes over the course of time can make a huge difference. 8 months ago I was barely able to get through the day without needing a mid-afternoon power nap or tons of coffee. I just returned from a week at Disney with my family and was able to keep up with the 8-10 miles of walking per day AND enjoy making some wonderful memories! Thank you, Kate!