At the time that I met Kate, I was miserable.  I was overweight and struggling with health issues mostly related to food, excessive drinking, and stress.  I woke up everyday bloated and had indigestion and heartburn all day.  At night I had all of these symptoms along with mucus buildup in my throat and itchy skin all over. After 3 weeks with Kate, most of these symptoms had gone away almost entirely.  She explained exactly what was causing my issues.  She educated me on food, the good and the bad, how to shop, food ingredients and so much more.  She helped me meet every goal I had for myself.  I have been seeing Kate regularly for 7 months now. While I am still healing, I have lost significant weight, quit drinking, and no longer struggle with eating healthfully.  I am able to live life once again without discomfort, and am able to do things I hadn’t been able to do for years because of my health and weight.  Kate’s knowledge and passion have changed me in many positive ways, and my time with her is priceless!