Welcome to Paradise.

Retreat + Vacation = Perfection.
punta mona island in costa rica

Hit the reset button and give yourself the gift of one of the most beautiful places in the world…

Punta Mona is an off-the-grid farm and educational center on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

I’ve teamed up with the staff at Punta Mona Retreat Center (as seen on the hit Netflix series Down to Earth), to bring the bestpossible retreat experience complete with plant-based chefs, yoga instructors, herbalists, eco-teachers, beach front amenities, forest trails, organic farm, greenhouse, gardens and more!

people learning about food as medicine at the punta mona farms quelle health retreat

Experience nature's classroom: food as medicine.

Permaculture, a form of regenerative agriculture, is a way of life. With over 300 different varieties of tropical fruit and nut trees, root crops, medicinal and flowering plants, herbs and vegetables, there is not better place to discover “food as medicine!” You will not want to miss this farm tour!

man reading a book in a hammock at the punta mona retreat center

Rest and rejuvenate: time to downshift...

Let your nervous system relax into the rich sounds of the beach and jungle. With hammocks, sandy beaches, shady picnic tables, and even a treehouse to relax in, grab your favorite book and settle in. 

plate of food from punta mona

Eat from the earth: experience the JOY of plant-based eating!

Three meals a day will be prepared for you. All meals are vegetarian/vegan, organic, seasonal and infused with an abundance of superfoods and herbs. They are delicious!

women reconnecting with mother nature at the punta mona farm in costa rica

Reconnect with Mother Nature: Punta Mona is nestled in the Gandoca-Manzillo Wildlife Refuge.

Be in awe of the amazing natural world that will literally be at your fingertips. Butterflies, frogs, monkeys, sea turtles, armadillos, and sloths on land. Below the surface, sea life is abundant and vast. Take time to visit corals, octopus, dolphins and lobster to name a few! 

What’s included:

Inclusive price: all meals, lodging, transport and hotels are included. Airfare is separate.



April 11-19, 2022



$1600 + airfare


Security Deposit

A non-refundable security deposit of $600 is required to confirm your spot.